A new place to do wonders

Can you believe we started in 1994? From a small group of friends and hard workers we walked a very long road and now we’re almost 70 people! We’re excited to see what the future is gonna bring us soon and we really hope to keep growing and improving.


Now it's time to move

We can really use some fresh air, larger working spaces, a real kitchen (YAY!) some rooms for installations and creativity and finally this dream is becoming reality!

But where?
Free your imagination!

it’s your MOMENT to


Send us
an illustration

of how the new AQhome
should look like


Every illustration
triggers a
donation to


The more
submissions we get,
the greater love
we can spread

Your artwork will be published on our Instagram Page

(tags and credits happily included)

We’ll make a donation to

to help people and children in need find a shelter and a home

Live with us this huge change and let your fantasy rule!

the best ones
will be welcomed
at our new AQHome

Don’t waste your time.
Your can send your piece of art from
June 19th to August 31st!